Rain Bird Corportation Sprinklers

Image provided courtesy of Hunter Industries

How we got started:


The journey to starting this company all began when we purchased our home here in Brevard County. The sprinkler system was a complete disaster. It was disconnected, the pump was in the middle of the pool deck and no sprinkler heads worked (the ones we could find anyways). As a homeowner there weren't many options to fix these issues unless we wanted to fork out a lot of money. Since then we have relocated the pump and many lines, switched all the sprinkler heads to Rain Bird, K-Rain and Hunter products and relocated the timer to a more convenient spot inside of the garage. Through mentorships, consulting experts and learning from our own trial and error we've perfected our own system, in addition to many others. Call or message us so we can help you get rid of your sprinkler headaches today!

We use only the best high efficiency products when completing work on your system, and they are what we use in our own yard too!