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Rain Bird Corportation Sprinklers

How we got started:


We are a small, family run business dedicated to fixing and optimizing our customers irrigation needs. We started this company in 2017 and have grown into what we are today with hard work and dedication to amazing customers like you. 

We use only the best high efficiency products when completing work on your system, and they are what we use in our own yard too!

Image provided courtesy of Hunter Industries

Reviews from Google

Mike was extremely knowledgeable about how to repair my lawn sprinkler system. He worked to the bone for an hour making sure that every sprinkler head was functioning at full capacity before he left. I couldn’t have asked for better service than what was provided by Otter Irrigation. Please call Mike up if you have any issues with your system; he will not disappoint you. He exceeded my expectations!

Rob F.

I hadn’t had my system maintained in quite a while and wanted a full service done. Mike was very responsive and had a tech come out within a couple of days. He was very honest about what needed to be done, which wasn’t much, and had the system back to normal really quickly. They told me what I needed, and didn’t need, and the cost was less than expected. Complete transparency. I won’t call anyone else if I have any future issues. I highly recommend Otter Irrigation, and appreciate their work!

Bri A.

We are very pleased with the service provided by Otter Irrigation! They were very helpful and professional. I definitely recommend this company for anyone who needs irrigation services. Thank you guys for the wonderful service!

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